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Selling Your Own Houses

Saturday, June 6th, 2009
One of the things that most people would want to try when selling their houses is to sell their house on their own, that is without a Realtor’s help. It is advantageous since they will be able to save money compared to when they hire a real estate agent. Think about it. Instead of paying somebody to sell your Colorado house for you, you just do it yourself. And the money that you were supposed to pay a real estate agent would add up to the earnings you get out of the deal.

Most people think that selling houses on your own is an impossible feat and should never be done because a lot is at stake, that is, a lot of money is at stake. And if things go worse, your reputation could also be at stake. However, it is not as impossible as many people think it is. All you need are the basic things about selling houses and a sane sense of decision making.

If you do intend to sell your house on your own, make sure that you do enough research on pricing, look up the different ways on how you can sell houses quickly, know the appropriate people to go to and make deals, scour the places for motivated buyers (people who are determined to sell a house fast and would agree to sell you their houses on a much lower price than its original value), and how to make basic repairs on houses or know people who could do basic house repairs.

Know these basic ideas and you can start selling houses on your own. Consulting an expert’s opinion would not hurt and would even boost your selling techniques so long as you know who the right person to turn to. Also, it would be a plus if before you try to sell houses, you become part of the real estate market itself. Know people, the buyers, the sellers, the Realtors, everybody. Make sure to get their cards and also try to give yours. Being in this circle of people would make it easier for you to look for house buyers and house sellers. Being part of these groups of people will also give you what you do not have and what people who have been in the business possess. And, that is experience. You can get experience by becoming a part of the people who have been buying houses and selling houses for years. Learn by looking at how they do it and from what you see, come up with your own strategies and techniques.

It will be difficult for sure, that’s why you have to be ready to face everything. Real estate is not a walk in the park and it is going to be a battlefield there. That is why, you should be equipped with all the weapons that you could get. Be careful with the people that turn to and think twice before you take a step and be sure that if every you take it, you will be successful in selling your house on your own.

About the author:

Louis Batides is one of a group of real estate investors who buy houses from people and help people in selling Colorado houses. He and his team make sure that you get a fair deal in selling your house fast, whether in cash or terms. Since he and his group do not consider themselves as Realtors, they do not ask for commissions or fees and they can work in all types of mortgages.

How To Sell Your Colorado House Fast

Thursday, June 4th, 2009
For people who did not have much of a good luck when they tried to sell houses, they might have encountered some of the common problems that home sellers should know about. It would have been fortunate if they were able to see the warning signs so that they were able to stop their selling houses from becoming a disaster.

To guide you to how you sell your own house, here are the things that you need to watch out for in order to not just succeed in selling your house but also sell your Colorado house fast.

Home inspection

Most houses fail to impress during home inspection. No matter how expensive the house is or how impressive it may seem, home buyers will most definitely find something wrong. It’s normal. The critics eyes are very quick at distinguishing faults and you as the seller would most probably have one or two of your eyes blinded by the idea that your house is already good and well to go. The inspection is very crucial because this is where the fate of your house as to whether it’s going to be sold or not would be decided. The irony is that, again, your inspectors will most definitely find something wrong, however, what you can do is that to make sure that whatever they find wrong would be easily dismissed as not so important. Thus, make sure to cover all the basic and important features that home buyers would need to be in good condition and do not worry so much on those whimsical demands.


One thing that would make buyers shun away from buying your house is the price. Most buyers would most likely try to compare how you priced your house to how much other houses were priced in the market. So, if the market is not so good, houses are being sold below what you intend to get, then opt not to have it listed. Or better yet, before you do the remodeling of the houses, even at the onset of planning, make sure that you included the market trend so that the moment you have your house listed, it would not look so expensive compared to the other houses in the marker. Now, it does not mean that you can already set your price with the sky as the limit. Make sure that you also try to consider the location of the house, is it in the city, in the suburbs or is it very accessible, among others. Again, buyers would not usually go for houses that has a high price tag and is in a not-so suitable neighborhood.


Improvements do not necessarily equate to higher pricing. In fact, improvements are not so encouraged unless it is for something that is really seen as a necessity by the buyer. In order to cut you remodeling expenses, it is okay that you just stick to the repairs. What is important, again, is for the home buyers to see that your houses is comfy, livable and safe.

About the author:

Louis Batides is one of a group of real estate investors who buy houses from people and help people in selling Colorado house. He and his team make sure that you get a fair deal in selling your house fast, whether in cash or terms. Since he and his group do not consider themselves as Realtors, they do not ask for commissions or fees and they can work in all types of mortgages.

How Time Can Help You Quickly Sell Houses

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009
In selling your Colorado house, one thing that you have to remember is that the element of time is very crucial. Timing will help determine whether or not you are going to make a quick sell. Without this, just like with dancing when the timing is off, selling your house would become a disaster.

So, you have a house ready. You know for a fact it is going to sell. You have an idea of the how the market’s going to accept it, but one question is left unanswered - is it the right time sell your house? How does one know when is the perfect time to sell? What can help you tell that you just have the perfect timing to sell houses?

What makes the concept of timing when it comes to selling houses is that it is never the same for all people. Timing depends on a lot of factors - the seller, the potential buyers, how the market is fairing and the current financial scenario where the seller, the buyers and the market are dancing. But there are things that within in your control that you could use to help you asses whether it is just the right time to sell your Colorado house.

One thing that will tell you that you it is the time for you to nail it is when you are really sure, and I mean a hundred percent sure, that you are ready to get the work done from start to finish. Selling a house is not for the faint of heart and if you heart is not totally into it, the tendency is you would slack off and slacking off would mean either you get the house that you are selling to be stranded in the market for a long period of time or you sell the house to just anybody interested because you just want to get it off your hand. Whichever path you go, you are in for a big loss.

Second thing that you need to be aware of is that if there’s a prospect for a sell that bears no net worth, then definitely it is not a good time to sell. You do not need to be a rocket scientist to know why this is so. What is the use of doing business if you gain no profit?

Third is when you have both parties (the house seller and the house buyer) satisfied with the deal, then it is definitely time for you to sell your house. Even if you are the one doing the sell, you must make sure that you are not the only one happy when the deal is through A satisfied customer would tell you that your selling houses career is not about to end.

And lastly, and the most important thing that you should remember is that when you do try to close a deal make sure that you are doing it not because you just want everything to be over. That means, do not sell a house for the purpose of just selling a house. Careful decision-making should be involved and you have to think of the important things that you need to consider when trying to sell a Colorado house.

About the author:

Louis Batides is one of a group of real estate investors who buy houses from people and help people in selling Colorado house. He and his team make sure that you get a fair deal in selling your house fast, whether in cash or terms. Since he and his group do not consider themselves as Realtors, they do not ask for commissions or fees and they can work in all types of mortgages.

How to Sell Your House Fast: The Realtors Take

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

A house seller’s toughest nightmare could be selling to a buyer who vanishes enigmatically at some point in the process of making the deal or during the transaction. Typically when a real property dealings falls apart it is due to some good reason, and not owed to the buyers’ whim. Usual problems call for property reviews, inspections and funding. Although frustrating as it seemed to be, the damage is generally minimal especially when a transaction comes apart ahead of time. But with an estimable team of real estate pros on your side, a lot of the problematic issues that turn out during a transaction or deals can be settled. Some realtors can buy your house as-is and give you the same amount that you would definitely net if you sell the house the traditional way with a Realtor. The qualified, knowledgeable, and trusted realtors can absolutely give you a hassle-free home selling experience.

The most usual ground why real estate transactions collapse is inspections. In this case buyers ought to include a review contingency in any property purchase agreement. A home inspection will disclose and reveal the material facts and possibly a few property defects. The fact is that even brand new houses can have issues which may not come across with the buyer’s expectations. Whenever defects are detected that the buyer can’t take on, and that the sellers are unable to renovate, probably the transaction can go off if other matters can’t be negotiated to compensate

Realtors suppose that listing a house for sale at a cost more than a couple of percentage points higher than other latest sales in the neighbourhood is among the biggest reasons why some properties do not sell. If you have a house for sale in Colorado Springs for instance, you need to determine the home rating in your area for houses similar to yours for you to examine what the market is like. Keep in mind that location is a vital factor in pricing. That is, owning the nicest and most captivating house in the neighbourhood may sense good to you as an owner, however it is not plausible to let you arrive at a much better asking or selling price.

When you are getting your house gear up to sell, focus on making repairs and not on improvements. Yet even the most valuable changes will only ruminate about ninety percent of your investment in the selling price increase. Rather than adding a bedroom or a bathroom, you can invest in a fresh and new coat of paint for all rooms, or you can replace a worn out carpet. Smarten up the exterior as well. Remember that the first impression that your house makes is most likely to be the most lasting one. And if you can’t fund the necessary improvements then it is much reasonable to find a realtor that takes action, someone who can make the deal go through quickly and who have the resources and funding available to make it happen.

Louis Batides is one of a group of real estate investors who buy houses from people and help people in selling Colorado houses. He and his team make sure that you get a fair deal in selling your Colorado house fast, whether in cash or terms. Since he and his group do not consider themselves as Realtors, they do not ask for commissions or fees and they can work in all types of mortgages.

Selling Your Colorado Springs House Quick Even Without A Realtor

Friday, April 3rd, 2009

We know for a fact that real estate investing is one of the biggest if not the most challenging investments you can ever make. On the other hand selling your house is one of the most difficult decisions you will ever make as there are a lot of things to be considered. These includes the pricing, the methods on how to sell fast, the right people to deal with, finding motivated buyers, finding a trusted real estate agent and a lot more. It is especially crucial with the latter factor in cases where you as a motivated seller is much eager to sell your house fast. But do you know that you can still quickly sell your house even without having to look for a realtor to assist you? And how is it possible when you are selling your Colorado Springs house?

Knowing the fundamentals in selling houses quickly will aid you in finding all the significant information you need so that you will successfully sell your Colorado house. For instance, you’ll need to recognize and learn all but the market price of houses you may own in the area in this case

Colorado Springs areas to be specific. If you want to do it profitably, take note that it would require a significant amount of time and effort on your part so that if you prefer not to ask some assistance from a realtor, you will still be able to do the deal without any hassles. Some of the tasks entails between addressing prospect queries, viewings, follow-ups, and marketing, you must anticipate and be prepared to put more or less twenty to forty or more hours weekly and likely even a lot more. This is quite true especially if you are still starting as you set up your marketing campaign in addition to your sales tools.

One of the advantages in selling your house without the help of a real estate agent is that you can save a quite amount of money in realtor commissions. If you decide to do so make sure that you can handle all the dealings on your own and you will not end up in the losing end. Although this idea is not an easy one, it is becoming a popular resort in the current housing market and an available resort among sellers. Without a knowledgeable and honest Realtor to direct you through the whole process, you will have to hone your know how on the housing market in your area, the lending practices, the loan availability as well as the prerequisites for a house sale. You will also need to polish your negotiation and people skills and most of all pull in time in your schedule for you to be available to show your house for sale to the prospective buyers. Read on for some tips on how to sell your house even without a Realtor.

Louis Batides is not a Realtor - he makes it clear on that one - but he buys houses and he can help you on how to sell your Colorado house fast. Since he does not ask for fees or commissions, he assures whoever he helps that they will get a fair deal in selling houses. As an expert in selling and buying houses in Colorado, he can help you out on how to sell your house in Colorado and he can also work in all types of mortgages.